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  • Publications:

Estimating the Impact of USAID Programs on Employment Creation” with J. Brada and E. M. Bah, forthcoming in Journal of Comparative Economics

Inflation Targeting: An Indirect Approach to Assess the Direct ImpactJournal of International Money and Finance 29(7), 2010, 1357-68.

Corruption and Economic Development in Energy-Rich Economies” with Y. Kalyuzhnova and A. Kutan, Comparative Economic Studies 51(2), 2009, 165-180.

European Integration, Productivity Growth and Real Convergence: Evidence from the New Member States” with A. Kutan, Economic Systems 33(2), 2009, 127-137.

What Fisher Knew about His Relation , We Sometimes Forget” with N. Arnwine, Economics Letters 101(3), 2008, 193-195.

Fiscal Convergence in the European Unionwith E. Kočenda and A. Kutan, North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 19(3), 2008, 319-330.

Announcements and Credibility under Inflation Targeting” with B. Demir, Economics Letters 100(2), 2008, 249-253.

European Integration, Productivity Growth, and Real Convergence” with A. Kutan, European Economic Review 51(6), 2007, 1370-1395.

Pilgrims to the Eurozone: How far, how fast?” with E. Kočenda and A. Kutan, Economic Systems 30, Vol. 4, 2006, 311-27.

The Effects of Transition and Political Instability on Foreign Direct Investment: Central Europe and the Balkans” with J. Brada and A. Kutan, Economics of Transition 14, Vol. 4, 2006, 649–680.

Real and Nominal Stochastic Convergence: Are the new EU Members Ready to Join the Euro Zone?” with A. Kutan, Journal of Comparative Economics 33(2), 2005, 387-400.

Nominal and Real Stochastic Convergence of Transition Economies” with A. Kutan, Journal of Comparative Economics 32, 2004, 23-36.

Shortfalls of Panel Unit Root Testing” with J. Strauss, Economics Letters 81, Vol. 3, 2003, 309-313.

Present Value Models, Heteroscedasticity, and Parameter Stability Tests” with J. Strauss, Economics Letters 73, Vol. 3, 2001, 375-378.

  • Working Papers:

“Effects of Inflation Uncertainty on Credit Markets: A Disequilibrium Approach” with Adel Varghese

"A Nonparametric Unit Root Test under Nonstationary Volatility" with Burak Eroglu


  • Ongoing projects:

“Structural Break or Unit Root: Making A Sense of It All” 

“Time Varying Cointegration and the Kalman Filter” with B. Eroglu and Isaac Miller